Torn Apart

by Subjugation



Released on cassette by Noyz Tapes


released September 14, 2014

Mustafa - vocals
Egemen - guitar
Ender - bass
Kaya - drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ender
Cover and layout by Mustafa



all rights reserved


Subjugation Ankara, Turkey

We set out in 2013 to play a filthy amalgam of grindcore, death metal and punk.

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Track Name: A Newfound Embodiment of Servitude
plagued by a newfound embodiment of servitude. stricken by panic. a feast for locusts under the disavowed banner of bleakness and desolation. a vice grip around your spine. nowhere to run. nowhere to hide. force fed indoctrination through years and years of reiteration. blindspots created by mass asphyxiation. a blood pact signed under sulphur skies. the retribution is endless.
Track Name: Euphoria Inherited
an avalanche of desperation. waning words from a dead language. idolized and bastardized. euphoria inherited. a dying metaphor on opium and hopelessness. a blatant doctrine of perpetuity and misery.
Track Name: The Vile Endeavor
nailed down, strangled, choked, forsaken. a vile endeavor of disregard and prejudice. end of the dead end street. come undone. feel the breath of lifeless stagnation. endless ruination. restless devotion.