Haemophagus​/​Subjugation split 7"

by Subjugation



Our side of the 7".

A DIY co-production by:
Bloodspit Records (Russia)
Cataleptic Remains Prod (France)
EveryDayHate (Poland)
Grind Your Mind Records (Brazil)
Neanderthal Stench (Belgium)
Noyz Tapes (Turkey)
Suburgatory Records (Turkey)
Wartorn Noise (Turkey)
ZAS Autoproduzioni (Italy)

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released February 4, 2015

Mustafa - vocals
Egemen - guitar
Ender - bass
Kaya - drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ender
Front cover artwork by Klaudiusz Witczak
Label and back cover artwork by Mert Exposed



all rights reserved


Subjugation Ankara, Turkey

We set out in 2013 to play a filthy amalgam of grindcore, death metal and punk.

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Track Name: Monuments to Greed
gluttony devoured the very fabric of your soul. wounded and shredded, lost inside mazes of unrequited impurity. an unabated and relentless assault of dissipated eradication. lithographs telling stories of deterioration. monuments to greed and undying lust for dominion. timeless headstones for the martyrs of iniquity.
Track Name: Trembling on Broken Glass
trembling on broken glass. yet another episode of repulsive lies. self estrangement, a loss signified. a violent descent into obscurity, the perpetual demise. while the clutches of absolution get tighter, you stare with idle eyes. unrelenting emptiness and perseverance.
Track Name: Under the Whip
into the pits of the afterlife. shadows from the past. under the whip, an endless nightmare. a sickness unto death. the wolves of retribution descend. no salvation, forever black. stricken by grief, degraded by misery. seeking the void of life, your soul is hollow.